Race Information

Race Location

Woodgreen Leisure Centre, Woodgreen Avenue, Banbury, Oxfordshire, OX16 0HS

Start times

The first competitor will be set off at 8:30 am, and competitors will follow at 30-second intervals.

We will set off the slower swimmers first. Individual start times will be published on our website www.neversecondsportsevents.com from the Wednesday prior to the race. In the unlikely event that your start time needs to be adjusted, you will be informed of this at registration.

Please ensure you are on poolside 20 minutes before your allocated start time.


Your 750m swim will be in the amazing 50m Open Air Pool at Woodgreen Leisure Centre.

Your swim will commence at the shallow end, near side of the pool and finish deep end far side. Your 15 lengths (750m) will be completed by swimming two lengths in each lane and moving into the next lane at each shallow end (see map). There will be No tumble turns at the shallow end of the pool. Swimmers will be set off at 30-second intervals.


The bike course is an anti-clockwise route; it is signposted and marshals will be on some junctions. Please proceed with extreme caution at junctions and remember that the marshals are not there to check that ‘all is clear’ for you. This is your responsibility. Please take care through the village of Bloxham as this becomes very busy on a Sunday morning; likewise take care on Woodgreen Avenue as runners will also be on this route and traffic may be heavy.

NOTE: Be aware of all others on the road, including other competitors and general road users. Follow the Highway Code at all times.


The run is a simple out and back course. On Woodgreen Ave you will be asked, when clear, to cross the road to the central reservation – this is a wide grassed area where you can run without risk of traffic. At the top of the avenue, you will once again be asked, when clear, to cross the road (please take extreme care!) taking you on to the far side of the avenue, from here you will continue your run out onto the Broughton Rd to the turnaround point at Giants’ Caves. Please be aware that the surface is uneven in places. On your return, you will be asked to cross Woodgreen Avenue in the same manner as your outward journey.

NOTE: Please take care when crossing roads. Marshals are not there to give you the all clear.


Registration will be available on Saturday from 16:00 – 18:00 and from 07:00 – 08:30 on Sunday morning. If you are a member of the BTF remember to bring your BTF licence with you or you will have to pay the £5 non-member levy.


The transition will open from 7:30 am. Please observe the marshals’ instructions, before entry to transition. Please have ready for inspection Race Number, Helmet with number sticker, Body Marking, and Bike with number sticker. Rack your bike as instructed, being aware of other competitors around you. Remember the race may be in progress while you are racking so please be considerate of those racing. Please remove your bike ASAP after you have completed your race. You will need to show your race number and bike number before you will be allowed to remove your bike.


This race will be overseen by a BTF Level 3 Senior Referee. The referee’s decision will be final – so behave yourselves 


This race is being conducted under the rules of the BTF: for your reference, this includes, No Drafting, No Cycling in Transition, Helmet protocols before touching and racking your bike, and obeying the laws of the road.


This is strictly a no drafting race, anybody observed drafting will receive a 2min penalty and risk subsequent disqualification. You will also jeopardise the future running of this event. It is only with a strict understanding that there will be no drafting that permissions have been given for the race.


No helmet – No race; It’s as simple as that!

Inclement weather

This event includes an open-air swim which can be affected by inclement weather, particularly lightning and thunder. If this situation arises the pool will be cleared and swimming will cease until the lightning/thunder has passed. If the weather does not yield, competitors will be released at 1 minute intervals for a bike-run event.


All of our marshals have volunteered and given up their day to give you the opportunity to race so please be courteous to them and thank them at every opportunity.

Chip Timing

The race is being supported by Race Timing Systems. You will collect your race timing chip (aligned to your race number) at registration. Please ensure your return your timing chip at the end of the day; if you head home with it after the race you will be charged for its replacement.

Relay Teams

Your wave will be the first away commencing at 08:30hrs. Please ensure that you hand over your timing chip to each team member, and follow all marshals’ instructions. Your swim-to-bike hand over will be at the transition racking, your cyclist can be prepared and ready to go but their bike must be racked until the change-over has been completed. Your bike-to-run transition will take place at the racking and the cyclist MUST rack their bike before commencing the change-over.

Car Parking

There will be no parking at the leisure centre on race day; there is car parking available up and down both Woodgreen Avenue and Orchard Way (see map.). Please be considerate to locals. Please do not part in Poolside Close as this can block the road for residents.


Results and splits will be available as soon as you finish your race. Key your race number into the Race timing Systems key pad and your results will be displayed on the screen. Results will also be available online at www.neversecondsportsevents.com late on during the day.

Risk Assessment

The event Risk Assessment, Event Insurance and BFT Licence will all be available at Registration.

First Aid

First Aid cover is provided by St John Ambulance. There will be a designated First Aid point within the centre alongside the Registration desks.

We wish all competitors a great race and a great day!