Grand Prix

The Team Cherwell Grand Prix takes place every year.

The club will vote to decide on which races will feature in the events list and it will include a variety of distances as well as both pool and open water swims. It’s a chance for all Team Cherwell members to get competitive and awards are given out at the end of each year to the lucky winners.

To qualify for the Grand Prix you need to enter at least three races, one of which can be a Wildcard Entry.

Click on the name of the event to access the race website and find out more details –  including how to enter.

28th April 2019
Pool Sprint
16th June 2019
Open Water
7th July 2019
Open Water Olympic
5th August 2019
Cowman & Calfman Triathlon
Open Water Sprint/Olympic
10th/11th August 2019
Cotswold Lake 62
Open Water Olympic
24th August 2019
Team Relays (bonus 15 points)
Open Water Sprint
31st August 2019
Cotswold Lake 62 end of season
Open Water Olympic
1st September 2018
Pool Sprint
7th/8th September 2018
Woburn Abbey
Open Water Mixed

Prevous Grand Prix Results

You can check previous results for the club's Grand Prix here.